Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Suck It, Princess*

I had all sorts of plans when I got home; however, none of them really materialized (except for the drinking the martini part ... which could have been part of the problem).

I was going to take photos of things for which I am thankful and do a FUNtastic photo essay this morning. Didn't happen. Suck it, princess. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow, when I'm bored and alone and drinking myself into my Traditional Thanksgiving Stupor™, before the participants of the Return of the Traditional Thai Curry Thanksgiving arrive.

Plans for today include final grocery shopping, buying more booze (it's not for me, really), laundry, bank, taking out the compost and recycling, and clean clean clean clean clean cleaning.

Fortunately, our boss is letting us leave at 3PM today. *woot*

Addendum: Mel, I *heart* Bette Midler's Cool Yule.

*Thank you, Only Me, for the fabulicious phrase.


  1. I love curry! Any kind. Maybe I'll make that this evening. I am craving it now. Your friends are so lucky to have you, you know that, right? You're such a thoughtful, caring host.

  2. wait just a damn minute - I should have copyrighted that phrase when I started using it years ago! That's my standard road-rage phrase. ;-)

  3. Lucky. We still haven't been told if we have friday off. My boss will probably wait unti 4:30 to say we can leave early (I usually leave at 4:45)
    SUCK IT PRINCESS! I thank Only me for that offering, I usually shorted it to just suck it!

  4. Mele Kalikimaka! ;) I have Cool Yule too and now I must listen to it!

  5. I like the Traditional Thanksgiving Stupor(TM) better, I think, than Suck it, Princess. Though it isn't as univesally aplicable. Rather seasonal, actually.

    Happy Thanksgiving, dear.