Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Like, Y'know, Like, Um

I am, like, totally, bored, and my, um, brain feels ... stuffy.
But, I am feeling compelled to blog ... about nothing in particular.

So here is a list of Christmas Albums I own and will be ripping into iTunes tonight:

Cool Yule --Bette Midler
White Christmas --Bing Crosby
The Christmas Album --Neil Diamond
Christmas Ecstasy* --Peter Kater
Christmas Around the Country II --Various Artists
Spirit of Christmas --Chuck Brown
Handel's Messiah** --London Symphony Orchestra and Chorus

I think I need more Xmas Music! MORE!

*I, um, hate this CD. I may decide to burn it. In the microwave.
**I'm pretty sure this is actually more of an Easter album, but I like to listen to it at Xmas. Sosume.


  1. You must burn it in the microwave, just because it's fun and sparkly. Which is christmassy!

  2. Hey, how is the Bette CD? I considered adding it to our Xmas collection last year but held off. Amazon keeps waving it in my face, though, and trying to tempt me. And given that pretty soon our house will be all Xmas music, all the time....

  3. Ah, Messiah. One of the best, most accessible pieces of classical music available. Fun as hell to sing, too, even if you can't sing worth $hit. It is music for both Christmas and Easter, actually.