Monday, November 05, 2007

Not That I'm Bragging

I received this spam email at work a few minutes ago:

hello again [my work email redacted] the simple answer is, your penis is way
too small [link removed]
Rosemary gultane

And, srsly, Rosemary, I think most of my partners would disagree ...


  1. Well, I have to ask, how does Rosemary know how big your penis is?

    I will freely admit that my penis is very small. Sometimes that bothers me, but sometimes it doesn't. It depends entirely on what other penis is available.

    Oy, it is time for me to go to sleep!

  2. Anonymous12:25 AM

    o.O Random.

    Oh, and I sent you an email ^_^.

  3. Funny, I get email telling me that exact same thing... >.>