Thursday, November 08, 2007

The One Benefit of Cold Weather

Forget the dry skin,
the chapped lips,
the shivering,
the chattering teeth,
the oh-so-charmingly purple fingernails.

All that is NOTHING, because

I Got Da Sheets!!!

The Winter Activity Polar Bears Flannel Sheets, no less.

I went home for lunch and made my bed. I can't wait to go to sleep tonight!


  1. Mmmm, I lurve me some flannel sheets! Michael's all Minnesota-man and gets overheated by them, though. :( We have to compromise at jersey.

  2. So coordinated. We're very quakerish in our choice of flannel sheets - off-white and heather grey so far. The offf-white have already been on the bed, since it gets colder here in Maine a wee bit sooner. Perhaps Santa will bring another set this year, though.

  3. It finally got cold enough here for me to break out the flannel nightgown. No flannel on the bed yet, though.

  4. I love flannel sheet season. (I've got winter activity penguins.)

  5. Those are the coolest flannel sheets I've ever seen! I put flannel sheets on my kids' beds with the advent of snow here last week. As my 5 year old said, "these are so cosy!" Yours, though are both FUN and cosy.