Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Horror! The Horror!

Bleary-eyed, I stumbled out of bed this morning and into the kitchen Only to discover that ... I am OUT OF COFFEE! *SCREEEEEEEEEEEEAM!*

My favorite coffee (so far), and the one I always buy, is Quartermaine House Blend. YUM! But, yesterday, I used my last beans to make coffee for myself and Caroline to drink on the drive to Scarylandia (aka. Virginia).

What to do? What to do?

Like a crack addict looking for his next hit, I searched through the cupboards, where I discovered a previously opened bag of Gevalia Amaretto Coffee. That would have to do.

Surprisingly, it is not undrinkable.

Meanwhile, I need to start thinking about the furniture I want for my study-to-be. I want a hutch-like desk ... possibly about 7 feet tall. Yesterday, while waiting for John and Kristen, Carolyn and I wandered into an Amish furniture store on Duke Street (I think).

My furniture buying policy is that I don't buy crap. If I'm going to make an investment in furniture, I want it to be good, solid wood and I want it to last for my lifetime. I do not want IKEA/Target pressed wood formaldehyde-filled cheap pieces of crap.

The Amish furniture was awesome, but they didn't have exactly what I'm looking for. However, while wandering around the store, I remembered that in Northern Maryland there are a couple of places where Amish (or perhaps Mennonite) furniture makers from Lancaster, PA, sell their wares. Carolyn said she would drive us out there sometime. So, I need to get on the ball and find out where they are.

And, now, I must go get ready to meet people for brunch. *woot*


  1. Oooh -- I feel what you are putting down about furniture. I also like natural materials for furniture -- actual wood, for instance. Sometimes, though, IKEA/Target can surprise you.

  2. Wow, it's been awhile since I last saw the word "Mennonite". I didn't know Mennonites were good at making furniture... well, I didn't see any good piece of furniture at the mennonite college I went to though :-(

    Your first paragraph reminds me of the segment on some TV earlier this month about the experiment that some lady decided to stop drinking coffee. She acted like a junkie :-) I hope that's not your case.

  3. No morning coffee!! Noooo! How did this happen?

    I agree with you about good quality wood furniture. It's surprising what you can find at garage and yard sales, though.

  4. In the Columbia River Gorge, in Oregon, there is a HUGE particle board farm where they grow these weed trees and turn them into particle board. It's, like, a gajillion acres. Across the highway are these table-topped mounds of dirt that look like Indian burial mounds but are actually radioactive waste dumps. The desert is so interesting.

  5. true sign of addiction is that the horrible unnaturally flavored ground matter that passes for coffee is "not undrinkable." kinda similar to when you are out of gin or vodka and suddenly the vanilla extract starts calling to you from the cupboard in soft reassuring whispers suggesting convincingly how much like a premixed cocktail it is. you know what i mean.

  6. Ok so I am just reading this post (work has been super shitty lately). Anyway, you will be happy to know that there is an Amish Market (that sells furniture, food, etc...) right near where I work in Germantown. Come visit the further out suburbs of MD... good times! You might also want to try to venture even further north to a distant land called Frederick. The downtown area has some really great furniture stores and antique places with fabulous finds! :)

  7. Anonymous1:46 PM

    I agree with dana. I almost forgot about the neather lands of Maryland for good furniture.