Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thoughts on the Walk Home

1. How could someone who said he loved me hurt me so badly, and
2. Why am I still thinking about it 7 months later?


  1. Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart / And try to love the questions themselves.

    - Rainer Maria Rilke

    One of my favorite quotes.

    Good luck.

  2. Why wouldn't you be? See (1).

  3. for question 1. you will never know the answer and it's okay.

    for question 2. like what billy said..

  4. For #1, he probably didn't think about you at all. He just thought about his own selfish desires.

    For #2, 7 months is not that long in the grander scheme of things. It seems to me that betrayal is one of the hardest things to get over. Not only do you have to mourn the end of a relationship (which is painful by itself), but you also have to deal with being lied to on top of it.

    Right now, though, how do you gauge your life? Setting aside the desire for a LTR, are you happy about other things? If not, now is the time to work on those issues.

  5. please pass the butter

  6. To quote the sister of my junior college best friend who played violin, first chair: "Men are phlegm."

  7. 1. Oh, the many days I've spent mulling over the question... I gave up trying to find a real answer.

    2. What GayProf said. Betrayal cuts deep. I mean, lookit me, after all. It took me more than a year to untangle myself just from the trust issues. Don't worry about how long it takes you to move on (do as I say, not as I do...). Let it take its course.