Friday, January 05, 2007

This I Believe

Last night, after picking up my NEW LAPTOP, I went over to Mike's to watch a movie, The Celestine Prophecy, with Dennis and him. After the movie, Mike asked what I thought ... and it's so hard to say "I think it was a piece of spiritualistic nonsense and a waste of my evening" in a nice way. Actually, the movie would have been funny if I had watched it with other people, people who weren't hanging on to every word and trying to glean every possible meaning from it. Instead, I ended up saying, "I think it was similar to The Da Vinci Code in that a lot of people could take a work of fiction way too seriously."

Probably not the best answer. Because he countered by asking if I thought that humans would evolve into energy beings or not.

Um. No.

Fortunately, Dennis came back into the room and the conversation switched to humanity and energy and auras ... and how -I am not making this up- Dennis insists that he can see the energy when he holds his index fingers about an inch apart.

"I go cross-eyed and see a hot dog," I replied.

Dennis went on to say that at the gym he can sometimes see the energy of the people working out in front of him. As he was babbling on about this, I remembered that I, too, had had a religious vision. Christmas 1979. My family attended a multi-denominational Christmas service in (or near) Murphy, NC. As we sat there, listening to the choir sing and the organ play, I saw Jesus appear on the cross hanging over the altar. His mouth was moving, but I couldn't hear or understand what he was trying to say. Deep down in my heart, I know it was "You've been a good boy and are going to get everything you want from Santa."

What can I say? I'm a skeptic. I doubt Dennis sees gym patrons' energy, just as I doubt I saw Jesus hanging on the cross one Christmas Eve. I doubt humans are going to involve into energy beings any time soon, just as I doubt we are going to evolve into hairy seals who laugh at their farts, a la Kurt Vonnegut's Galapagos.

I doubt, but I also believe. I believe Spirituality is similar to Christianity in that each religion, and I use that term loosely, contains lessons we can use to become better people and to treat our fellow humans with kindness and love. However, the mythologies of religion need to be approached with skepticism and rational thought. Seeing someone's energy at the gym is about as likely as a virgin giving birth ... or a buddha springing from his mother's armpit or Aphrodite bursting out of Zeus' forehead.

We cling to the hope of a Higher Power, because we don't want to believe we are alone, that this is all there is. But, I believe we are, and it is.

Happy Friday. woot.


  1. I sort of consider myself an agnostic. God didn't create religion, people did. It was established to control rather than bring together (in my opinion).

    As a side note, The DaVinci Code is not completely based upon fiction. There are threads of truth in the book. Some of the documents cited in fact exist (albeit under great controversy) I mean how cool is it (I think) that Christ actually could have married and possibly produced offspring. Given human nature I tend to believe somehow it happened and perhaps at least initially there was a cover up or smoothing over of the true facts by those whose purpose the truth did not serve.

    Just my two cents...

    Happy Friday Buddy :)


  2. i didn't reach the stage of seeing energy, but i do have psychic dreams/ feelings. they often seem to be reliable. so i think there is an energy aspect to our being, it doesn't have to be religious though

  3. If I had been there, I would have got a serious case of the giggles. I have a co-worker who could be your friend Dennis' twin! She too sees auras and chakras and "feels" things. She is so earnest about it, that I swallow the laughter when she insists that she sees "coloured spirit energy floating" above some people and other such things.

    I am spiritual, but not religious. I don't believe in an all-powerful god/goddess as defined by religion, but I do believe that the universe is mysterious and wonderful and beautiful. The true "highest power" comes from within each one of us to see and feel the mystery, the wonder, the beauty, and translate it into hope, joy and love in our lives.

    Happy Friday!

  4. I'm still hazy on the difference between 'spiritual' and 'religious.' For some reason spiritual to me means you believe in a supernatural spirit, which implies some kind of religious faith, even if it's not along the lines of an organized religion. Clarify please?

    As far as auras... let's remember that people generate electricity. Your brain, as can be seen in scans, is a mass of constantly firing neurons. Your muscles move because nerves send tiny charges into them. So, our bodies generate electrical fields. We also generate heat, and if you looked at someone in a thermal imager, they would have an aura of heat. Now of course, seeing these 'auras' would require being able to see into the infra-red and other ranges of the spectrum that we normally cannot. However, certain animals can supposedly see into the upper and/or lower ranges. Bats and birds can sense the earth's magnetic field and use it to navigate. So, some people may have an unusual vision range and be actually be able to see these energies, Unlikely, but possible.

    TK the open-minded Agnostic/Atheist...

  5. there are people who can see energy, but i'm not sure if it's seeing the energy itself, or that they're very perceptive people able to observe another person and make reasonably reliable deductions from their observations.

    i like the dan millman books. yeah, he has some weird freaky california stuff, but most of his words are about making improvement in ourselves by using our own inner resources rather than rely on some deity or etherial entity.

    bran read the celestine prophesy and the book that followed it. his review of it was roughly the same as yours...a bit of a waste of time.

    it reminds me of l ron hubbard and scientology. it all started out as a bet.

  6. Looks like you struck a controversial point there Mr Vuboq? I'm very much a "live and let live" person - people can see all the auras they want and worship whoever they want so long as they don't ram it down my throat..glu. Anyone see that aura above me?