Friday, January 19, 2007

The Behemoth Awakes!

Alternatively, and less interestingly, titled: I Am Back at Work

I somehow managed to pull myself out of bed this morning. *woot*
Showered. Shaved. Dressed. Bundled up and staggered up the hill to work.

Back in the day, I had to walk to work. In 15 feet of snow. Uphill. Both ways!

It was surprisingly exhausting. I made a big mug of ginger-lemon-cayenne tea with honey to fortify me through the morning. I think all the honey sunk to the bottom though because the first few sips have been *shudder* sour.

Meanwhile, I have to call this guy from DoD. One of my former graduate school mates is moving back to the area and into a job which requires some sort of security clearance. She asked me to be a reference. Oh, Joy. Oh, Rapture. I promised her not to tell him about the time we got way drunk on margaritas at the restaurant Acapulco (now an Indian restaurant ... that should give you an indication of the quality of their Mexican food). I had to carry her home. Big fun.

Tonight, Mike is hosting a game night. I am still undecided if I should go. I may go but not stay too late. That way, I can be rested up for the big event on Saturday night. A friend of mine is being inaugurated as president of the National Press Club. I'm going to the Inaugural Ball. I feel a bit like Cinderella ... except that I have no fairy godmother (I know plenty of fairies though) and instead of glass slippers, we are all supposed to wear snow boots. I plan on meeting the wealthy newspaper reporter of my dreams. *haha*

*Happy Friday smooches*


  1. just don't forget to leave one pair of the snow boots behind..

  2. i meant one shoe of the pair..urgh! did i mention english is my second language?