Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bunny Grahams and Sparkling Grapefruit Italian Soda

ooooooooooh. my head.
Raise your hand if you drank too much last night. *raises hand*

At least I had a good time.

Or I vaguely remember having a good time. *heh*

There is some good news though!

For Christmas, my parents gave me a Chia Herb Garden. 4 little terracotta pots. Magic Chia soil. And 6 seed packets. I "planted" sweet basil, sweet marjoram, cilantro, and dill. Every day for the past week, I've been making sure the water level stays up. This weekend, I noticed that the seeds have sprouted!!! Yay!!

My new goal is to try not to kill them. I need to read in the instructions to see what to do. I was going to take a photo of my little growing windowsill herb garden, but the batteries in my camera died and I can't find the new ones I bought.


  1. Living plants are always happy sights. Avoid, though, singing that annoying "Chi-chi-chia" jingle.

  2. what's the story of the Sparkling Grapefruit Italian Soda (which, btw, I luv)?

  3. gayprof: thanks for getting that jingle stuck in my head. grr.

    bala wala shi: carbonated bevvies help settle upset/hungover tummies.

  4. Grow some more batteries green fingers...