Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I've finished the weekly report, so I have some time now to pound out a longer entry.

As I wrote earlier, I bought a laptop yesterday. If you remember, my old laptop met an unfortunate demise when my lovely PsychoKitty knocked over a glass of water on it while I was surfing the internet (porn). There was a POP! a HISS! and all went black.

Yesterday, I called (finally) about getting it fixed and was told that it would be *at least* $300. GAH. SO, I went to Best Buy, saw a Gateway computer on sale for $550, and bought it. It's smallish and lightish, so I should be able to bring it to work with me.

I probably won't be blogging from home, unless the Internet Fairy flies down from the moon and grants me free internet access for life (and if she could throw in free cable, too, it would be much appreciated). I should be able to blog more on weekends though, since I can come up to beautiful downtown Silver Spring and use their free wifi. *woot*

My superlong weekend was superfantastic!

Friday night, Eric drove down from Baltimore. We met Tomoko at Halo and had a gay ol' time. We ate dinner at Thai Tanic. Yum. Drunken noodle. Then, we went back to Halo for one more drink. A fun time was had by all. I got home relatively early (10:30), but stayed up watching Melrose Place for a lot longer than I expected.

Saturday, I blobbed around the house a lot. I can't remember if I did anything interesting ... so probably I didn't.

Sunday, I blobbed more. And, then, Eric drove back down from Baltimore and we went to Robert's house for New Year's Eve. Good food. Good booze. Good music. Loads of fun. I drank too much though. I got home around 2:15. Was in bed by 3.

Monday, I was very. hung.over. I got up around 10. Made some coffee and took a 3 hour nap on my sofa. Mmm. Sofa. Nap. All good. Tomoko, Emiliano, and Robert came over around 4 and we had Japanese food (prepared by Tomoko). It was very yummy. And we had lots of sake and beer. Mmmm.

Tuesday, I slept late. Then, I cleaned some of my bedroom. Later that afternoon, I headed into DC to buy the laptop. I came home. I blobbed around. Around 4:30, I went back to DC to meet Robert and his friends for happy hour and dinner. Vanil and ginger at Fab Lounge. Beer at Bistrot du Coin. Pizza and wine at Sette. YUM.

I got home around 10 and went to bed soon after. So very, very tired.

Today is laundry day. I wanted to go pick up the new laptop, but I think I will be too rushed. I will do it tomorrow after work. Fun times.

Tonight, I'm also doing experimental cooking with leftover tofu. *woot*

and, especially lots of *welcome back from your hiatus smooches* for Persian Guy!

ps. Be my Netflix friend. Please. I'm so lonely ...


  1. Oooh -- When I have been in D.C. for work, I often ate at Thai Tanic. It is good.

    Glad you had a good weekend and Happy New Year!

  2. Thai Tanic? >_< Is it me, or do the Thai restaurants seem to feel especially compelled to make their names into bad puns? We got the Bow Thai over here, among other things...