Tuesday, January 16, 2007


It would seem that the Explorer of the Internet is in working condition. Thusly, it stands to reason that the neighbor from whom I am was stealing the internet must have blocked my computer somehow. Alas. I am uninternetable from the home for awhile.

Life is so cruel.

As a side note, Silver Spring's free wireless truly doth sucketh. I was sitting directly beneath a wireless "hotspot" but still could not get a decent signal.

In other news, my co-op's annual shareholder's meeting is tonight. I am very not wanting to go. I don't feel like interacting with a bunch of people I don't know very well. I may feign illness and give my proxy form to a neighbor. Hopefully, I will not be elected to the board in absentia.

I am still cranky.

Here to cheer you all up is a photo from Mike's party. I would be the cute one on your left:


  1. didn't you just wear that green sweater two entries ago?

  2. if you are elected to some position and aren't there you can decline the position on the grounds that you did not agree to the nomination in the first place.

  3. That's a very cute picture.

  4. It's a filthy lie! You aren't bitter, vicious, or even OLD! I am so disillusioned. Now I'm not even sure that you're unrepentant, or a queen. Sigh...

    Now, why would a cutie like you be making up such terrible stories? For shame!