Wednesday, January 24, 2007

VUBOQ and the Do-Nothing Day

I feel like I’m wasting away. I’m unchallenged at work, yet, every day, I still manage to pull myself out of bed, shower, dress, walk to work, and sit there for over eight very long, very dull hours. Then, I walk home. Sometimes, I eat my leftover lunch for dinner. Sometimes, I cook something not-quite extraordinary. I knit. I watch movies. I check email.

I am not working hard enough at anything. I am not accomplishing anything. My motivation to succeed has oozed out my toes and down the drain. It’s a never-ending battle to barely keep up with everything [if you consider not cleaning the house in ages “barely keeping up”].

Of course, recognizing that one is in a rut is the first step of getting out of that rut. Today, on my do-nothing-est of days, I took a few minor steps in climbing out of my wintry doldrums.

First, I thought about what I accomplished once I got home (and no accomplishment is too small):

1. I knitted six rows on the Never-Ending Left Sleeve of the Never-Ending Sweater of Doom.
2. I made dinner (which was only re-heating lunch).
3. I cleaned out the catbox.
4. I watered my windowsill herb garden.
5. I did two loads of laundry, which I also folded and put away (except those items which weren’t quite dry).
6. I did the washing up, including the coffee maker!
7. I decided to get back on the Budget Bandwagon and created an MS Excel budget file for February.
8. I checked 2 websites for future employment.
9. I brainstormed about courses I could take and websites to check tomorrow.
10. I typed up a blog entry.
11. I did not eat all the Haagen-Daz.

*woot* Yay me!


  1. I felt like that for a few months last year ... total slumpishness (is that a word?). A list is a good idea. Even making it makes you feel a bit better.

    Yay you, indeed!

  2. January is always a dead month for me. Everything seems bleak until mid-February.

  3. Everybody's got the doldrums lately, it seems. I think the culprit is shitty day jobs that require wonderful creatures like you to be bored senseless for 40 hours a week. I DON'T APPROVE.

    On the other hand, I sure could use a soul-killingly dull job that pays me to sit on my ass for 40 hours a week...

    Oh well, the point is, you rock and I *heart* you. When you're sad, you can text me annoying things on my phone. Yay!