Sunday, January 21, 2007

On a Night of a Thousand Stars

Last night, once I got over my social anxiety - thanks to two very strong vodka tonics, was a lot of fun.

I arrived at the National Press Club at about 6:45. I checked my coat and said hi to Jerry and his mom. I then found the bar and started on the aforementioned likkerygoodness. Free. Booze. *woot*

I wandered around, but didn't see anyone I knew ... or anyone famous.

At 7:30, people started to filter into the dining room. Funnily enough of the 10 people at my table, 3 of them had been in the elevator with me earlier. ha! The gay men sitting on my right were witty and entertaining. We had much fun conversation. The 3 women on my left were ... um ... dour. I tried to engage them several times in conversation, but they were having none of it. And I guess my particular brand of humor was lost on them. Oh, well.

The dinner was ok ... for banquet food. The entertainment was hilarious. Jerry was roasted by a college friend. The Polish ambassador gave a brief speech, as did Jerry's editor. A prize was awarded for the best pair of snowboots. Unfortunately, my totally cute pair of light blue Timberlands were beaten out by some Upstate Snowshoes. Dang. Anyway, the headline entertainment was political comedian, Mark Russell. His presentation was quite funny, highlighted by the stingingly accurate line:

[paraphrased slightly] "When Democrats lie to Congress, it's called perjury. When a Republican lies to Congress, it's called the State of the Union Address."

Ouch. I winced and laughed.

After much wine with dinner, everyone moved back to the ballroom for more drinks and dancing. I ended up talking with one of my tablemates, Donald, who also didn't know anyone there. It was fun. I drank a lot. And eventually headed home around 12ish.

Of course, I started coughing and couldn't fall asleep until well after 2.

Now, it is snowing. I am blaming Jerry and all those people from Buffalo who came down for the inauguration.

This afternoon, Tomoko and I were going to see The History Boys; however, when we got to the theater, we were told that the projector was broken. Gah. I guess I'll be waiting until it comes out on DVD now. *sigh*

Instead, we walked to Alero for brunch and margaritas. Fun times. We were supposed to meet Mike and his friend at 4, but around 3:30, I think Tomoko and I were both ready to head home.

For the rest of the day, I'm going to bundle up on my sofa, drink hot cocoa, knit, and watch Funny Girl. I have all the fun.

*snowy Sunday smooches*


  1. Well it sounds like that went just fine. Excellent. I thought Mark Russel was dead.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Funny Girl and hot cocoa ... sounds like a nice evening also.

    I hope you're feeling better!