Monday, January 29, 2007

I Went to Brunch. I Came Home at 8PM.

That was not the original plan.

Yesterday, I met Tomoko, Darryl, Mike, and Robert for Brunch at Beacon Bar and Grill. $25 buffet with unlimited champagne/mimosas/bloody marys. The bloody marys sucked. The mimosas were yummy though. We left around 3. Mike had a date. Darryl, Tomoko, and I went shopping. I bought 2 sweaters at H&M [buy one sale item get one free!]. They are very cute.

Then, we met Robert at Dupont Circle and went drinking at Halo. I had three drinks. and no food. I was a little tipsy last night.

I got home around 8, and spent the evening chatting with friends online. Having a computer at home is nice. Yes it is. I went to bed around 11, but woke up very thirsty every few hours. Fortunately, I always put a big glass of water on my bedside table every night.

So, this morning, I was a bit overhung. I feel a little better now.

My other exciting news is that I have registered for an 8-week short story writing course at the Writer's Center in Bethesda. It starts on Wednesday, from 7:30-10PM. I will have to find a neighbor willing to exchange laundry times.

Maybe it will inspire me to start writing again :-)

[I mean, writing something other than frivolous blogposts that is]



  1. I envy your writing course. I wish I had time to do things like that -- Maybe in a few years.

  2. That sounds like it will be fun! Maybe Anderson Cooper is moonlighting as a writing teacher? (You can dream, eh!)


  3. maybe you can write frivolous romance novels!