Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Drain Will Be Unclogged

I have purchased drain opener. It's the one I've used in the past: Floweasy. It works, and it says on the bottle that it is all environmentally safe and stuff. After all, it's only concentrated hydrosulfuric acid (+ buffers and stuff).

As soon as I get home, I will pour it down my sink and it will eat through all the bits of veggie matter and coffee grounds and stuff that have clogged my precious sink.

Love me. Love my soon-to-be unclogged sinkishness!



  1. OMG. Did I use "stuff" 3 times in, like, 2 paragraphs? Perhaps I should have signed up for a vocabulary enrichment course instead of short story writing.

  2. given that the subject matter has to do with "stuff" at its clogged core, I wouldn't worry too much about using the word three times.

  3. Only you could make me be jealous of you unclogged sinkishness. Or at least the totally cute way you put it.

  4. You got the right stuff. I almost have a case of sink envy. ;)

  5. "one"* should not throw coffee grounds down the sink. i almost asked if you were doing that when we talked earlier but i thought surely you knew not to. now you know. bad idea. one should throw the grounds in the compost. failing that, the trash heap will have to do. sink, never; unless you have a disposal.

    * "one" = you

  6. You know, I am not very environmentally conscious when it comes to cleaning agents. Especially goop & poop eaters. I have this theory that since my drain is now part of a city sewer system, that it doesn't matter if I do the right thing because other people won't. Thus, bad chemicals will be in the treated water regardless of me or not.

    But I suppose that's just a cop out, eh?