Friday, January 12, 2007

Cookito Ergo Sum

Well, last night I did something I've never done before (and, no, it didn't involve lots of lube and and a beefy leather daddy):

I cooked Indian food. From scratch.

And, here's the thing: I don't particularly like Indian food.

But, recently, I have had some really good Indian food -when I was in London and at Udupi in Langley Park. Thus, I decided to re-evaluate my aversion to all things mushy and attempt to cook Dykewife and Bran's chole (aka chana masala).

This is what it looked like:


I followed the recipe almost exactly too. The only problem was that it tasted a bit ... er ... sharp. Sort of tinny, like I had chewed on a small bit of aluminum foil. Robert suggested that it might have been because I used canned chickpeas. I wonder if it was something with the spices I used, though. Anyway, it was still good, and I have loads leftover (at least 3 meals worth). I froze two. I hope it freezes well.

In other news, it's a 3-day holiday weekend and MAL [Mid-Atlantic Leather, for those of you not in the know]. *woot*

I think I'm going out for happy hour tonight with Robert. Saturday, Mike returns from Nebraska and hosts a cocktail party at his house. I have no plans for Sunday or Monday, but I believe MLKDAM [Martin Luther King Day Afternoon Margaritas] might be in order.

This made me laugh this morning: Our charge code for federal holidays on our electronic timesheets is "Fringe Labor/ Holiday Leave" [I'm not sure what "fringe labor" is], which is abbreviated on the time sheet as "FRG.HOLDY." I've been reading that as "Frog Holiday." *heh*

Also, I had this really weird dream last night that involved 2 Massachusetts-residing bloggers, except they were not residing in Massachusetts. They were in Okinawa.

Yeah ... it got weirder from there.

ANYWAY, hope your day is filled with sunshine and daisies.
More later ...



  1. I don't particularly care for the texture of many Indian dishes, but that looks delicious! I tend to agree it's probably the canned chick peas causing the tin taste you experienced.

    What Massachusetts-residing bloggers?

    I'm curious!


  2. I love Indian food. Given you are a vegetarian, I am surprised that you don't groove on the Indian food more. It provides many more options to the meat-free inclined.

    Yes, we all most know which Massachusetts bloggers entered your dreams. After you woke up, were you little sticky?

  3. I love Indian food! The spices can be tricky, though.

    Dreaming about bloggers from Massachusetts is fun! ;)

  4. When I flew from Amsterdam, I requested a special meal (Asian Vegetarian) turned out it was Indian. Everything was so spiced and ever since that meal, I stopped eating Indian. It scares me :-)

    I hope it will be mild when you try it next time and happy MLK weekend!

  5. i'm glad you liked the chole. i'm sorry it tasted tinny to you. ours never tastes that way, even when we use canned chickpeas. however, since we prefer cooking the dried beans because they have more of the nutty flavour we love and adore. according to my former co-worker, it freezes well, but we've never had enough leftover to freeze.

    have a happy weekend.

  6. Having loved Indian food for years and cooked a lot of it, I'll tell you that Bran's recipe is not exactly authentic; for instance, the use of black pepper isn't right for that curry... that's why I combined that recipe with another for my meal that night. If you want to foray into the world of Indian cooking you'll need an authentic cookbook or two and FRESH SPICES AND MASALAS. Yay!