Monday, January 08, 2007

Behold! I Am Above Average!

I was randomly clicking around on blogs a few minutes ago and stumbled across this on ... and I am somebody:

"... consider that Google recently estimated that the average blog is read by one person. In other words, for most bloggers, that means your mom's not even reading you anymore."

I have more than one regular reader (and I can say with 100% certainty it is not my mother).
I am above average.
I rock, bitches!

Meanwhile, Eugene is having issues maintaining a connection with Silver Spring's wifi. It's very disappointing. I even took him downtown during lunch. He would connect, but would be bumped off after 5 minutes or so. It was frustrating. I'm not sure it's reflective of a) Eugene's ability to connect with wirelessness or b) Silver Spring's wifi of crappiness.

Or it could be something else ... I was in Borders, which has it's own not-for-free wifi, so it could be that the wifis were competing for Eugene's affection. Hmmm ...

I like that: Everyone loves Eugene!


  1. although i also heard that the average readership of a blog is 3 people. which probably makes you above average but probably makes me exactly on average.

  2. huh. i'm average, or less, then:-( i know i'm nobody....