Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Joys of Homeownership

1. My kitchen sink is clogged.
2. My toilet is making dripping/still running sounds.

There will be a trip to the hardware store this afternoon to purchase some environmentally-friendly Drano-type sink-declogger. As for the toilet ... ? Maybe it will stop on its own. Or maybe I will call a plumber. I have several other small jobs, a plumber could do after he's fixed the drippy toilet. Or I could buy Toilets for Sissies and fix it myself. haha.

In Meat-free Monday news, my chili was delicious ... once I could eat it. When I finished making it, around 7PM, it was too hot to eat. So, I called Robert (or he called me, I can't remember). We talked. As that conversation was winding down, Mike called. As that conversation was winding down, Dana called. As that conversation was winding down, Darryl called. No one calls for months. Then, everyone calls in the same 2 hour window. I finally was able to eat my cold chili at about 8:30.

Later that same evening, I was hitching a ride on someone's unsecured wireless, when my mother sends an IM. "Are you still at work?"

Um. No. I then had to explain about the wonders of wireless internet. And how it is not stealing. It's like listening to the radio. The wireless waves are sent thoughout the world, and, if you can pick them up, it's perfectly acceptable to use them. Besides, if someone didn't want you using their wireless internet, wouldn't they password protect it?

She now thinks I'm going to prison for theft.

I put a saucepan of water on the radiator in my bedroom last night, and I slept much better. I only woke up once in need of a drink, and not every few hours like the past couple of nights. Ah. Humidity. It's a beautiful thing. In the winter. When it's not 90+ degrees outside.

I also had weird dreams. Involving my college mailbox.

*many happy smooches of humidified luv*

Updated to note: For those of you with a thing for Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe, here are some promo pics from Equus ... enjoy! [click on the numbers]


  1. What kind of cake would you like me to bring you in prison?


  2. Isn't it where a hot hunky plumber comes in? or am I watching a dirty movie too much? You should have totally let the expert work on these problem along with other personal needs :-)

    I once in a blue moon crack the wifi password and use it when I am on the road....

  3. Umbra recommends the same method my old apartment manager used for unclogging drains. Less stubborn clogs could sometimes be freed up by using a plunger after the baking soda and vinegar (and a blast of hot water).

  4. Your mom does IM? My mom's just started e-mailing....

  5. A running toilet probably just means you need a new flapper valve. Might cost you a couple of bucks at the local hardware store. No tools required.

    A plumber's snake (sounds good already, doesn't it?) is a better idea than pouring acid into the pipes, which will eat them away. We're talking about a long, flexible bit of coiled wire tube, designed to worm around bends and clear obstructions. No, really.

  6. If a problem goes away on its own it can come back on its own. Fix the toilet, you don't want to flush some time and find it doesn't work. Or floods the bathroom. I've had both and just prior to that I was soooo happy that the weird noise had stopped....