Monday, January 08, 2007

Behold! It Is Monday!

And it is raining.
I should be down ... but I'm not.
I'm fair-to-middlin'. woot.

I brought in the new laptop, hence forth referred to as "Eugene," to work this morning. I get a fairly decent signal from Silver Spring's wifi (2 bars), but for some reason I can't connect. I wonder if the weather is screwing it up? I will cart Eugene closer to the signal during my lunch break to see what happens.

Also, I want to download some chat software ... I use AIM at work; however, I vaguely recall that there is some chatware program which allows you to chat using AIM, hotmail, yahoo, etc. Anyone know what it's called and how I get it?

So far, no one has mentioned the dramatic hair color change. *sigh* Let's see how long it takes.

In the meantime, today is, of course, Meat-Free Monday. I hope at least some of you will partake of a meat-free meal today. And, in doing so, give our environment a little boost of support. I think I'm going to experimentally cook this evening. I'm not sure what though. I am open to suggestions. The meal should be something appropriate to accompany my Post-Epiphany Undecorating Extravaganza.

more later, kitttens.



  1. There are a few options for chat software that can access most of the major chat programs. Personally I use Trillian, but I think GAIM is also an option. You can find Trillian at Good luck!


  2. How about a vegetable chili with cheesy cornbread? Festive enough for a very merry un-decorating?

    Happy Monday to you.

  3. It's going to be weird reading about your laptop because Eugene's the name of one of my ex-bfs. o_O

  4. Forget about Trillian - just buy a big book o' stamps and write letters to all your friends. I don't hold with this modern technology stuff. Tee hee...