Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Perils of Dating

[written last night, but I couldn't get the damn thing to publish. grrr.]

I had a date.
Not the sweet chewy fruity kind, but, rather, the nerve-wracking, jittery kind.

I had a date tonight.
It was the first date I've had in a long, long time.
[I don't count Mike, since we sort of skipped the dating and went straight for the sex.]

I had a date tonight at Thai Tanic.
He was funny. And well-traveled. And cute. And thinky.
And his eyes sort of went all crinkly when he laughed.
And we know how I like all of those things.

I had a date tonight.
I vacillated between blithering idiot and stammering dunce and complete dork.
And we know how no one really likes any of those things.

I had a date.
When it ended, we shook hands.
"It was nice meeting you," he said.
"Likewise," said I. "We should do this again sometime."
"Yeah. Keep in touch," he said half-heartedly, as he turned and walked away.



  1. well, you might have over-interpreted how much heart did he put into "keep in touch". he might call again-- great.

    or not. in which case: whatever! he may not be as promising as he seemed the first day anyway.

  2. Why is it so much easier being the "cool guy" around guys that don't interest us? I only stammer and blither around men I really want.

  3. That sucks -- but you can't find somebody great if you don't try to date. Not all of those dates are going to work out -- actually only the minority will work out.

  4. Anyone who doesn't fall immediately in love with you IS MY ENEMY. For real. Give me that dude's number; I shall stab him with a plastic fork!

  5. I've never met you, I'm straight, yet even I know you're cool. Definately his loss.