Monday, January 22, 2007

It's Super!

Yesterday morning, I called Isa (my best friend from my college days) ...

"What's going on," I asked.
"I just finished putting together a Mexican layered dip for the games later."
"What games?"
"It's the playoffs."
"Football, silly."
"Oh. Are you having people over?"
"Are you going to a party?"
"No. I'm going to watch the games here by myself."

*stunned. silence*

When did Isa become a football junkie? I mean, seriously, it's like finding out she's a lesbian ... or worse! Football. Junkie. augh.

She even explained who was playing. And who she wanted to win. And her predictions for the Super Bowl. Did you know that's coming up soon? It's like the Oscars for straight people or something?

Last year, I think I watched part of it. At least, I remember all these over-produced, rarely interesting commercials getting interrupted by a football game of some sort.

This year, the Indianapolis Colts (Didn't they used to be in Baltimore?) take on the Chicago Bears (Didn't they used to be good? Ditka! Refridgerator!). I predict that since Bears are big ... and scary ... and hirsute ... and sometimes wear leather ... and say really weird things like woof, they will win ... by a score of 37 to 9.

Will you watch?
Do you care?
When is it, anyway?

*Super Bowl Smooches*


  1. not watching,
    don't care,
    don't know when it is,
    and the Oscars are more important than football for reasonable straight people like me.

  2. LOL, "Oscars for straight people." I did care for football more when I was younger, and my dad and I would watch football on TV on Sunday afternoons. These days, yeah, it's not on my radar.

  3. Isn't 'woof' almost the same as *woot*?

    I (sort of) watched the superbowl years ago with a date and a gaggle of lesbians. The date and I were only there to watch the 1/2 time show with *N Sync, Britney and Aerosmith.

  4. *dies laughing* I missed this post the first time around!

    Personally, I never got the Oscars or the Superbowl. Too much hype for too little action.