Sunday, January 07, 2007

2006 Movies

For some unknown reason, last year, I began taping ticket stubs from movies I saw onto my wall calendar. Here's the list of movies I saw (in the theater) in 2006 in chronological order:

Brokeback Mountain
Memoirs of a Geisha
Madea's Family Reunion
Gay Sex in the 70s
The Da Vinci Code
An Inconvenient Truth
The Devil Wears Prada
Pirates of the Caribbean 2
Little Miss Sunshine
The Illusionist
Jet Li's Fearlees
The Nightmare Before Christmas (in 3-D)

Of the movies I saw, I think Little Miss Sunshine and The Illusionist were probably the best. The worst would have to be either Firewall or The Da Vinci Code.

What were the best/worst movies you saw in 2006?


  1. little miss sunshine, the queen, volver.

  2. Of your list, Brokeback by a country mile, but I saw it in 2005. I've seen so few movies in the theater this year. I might have to say Wordplay, since I was disappointed by Little Miss Sunshine (I know, I'm the only one in the world; I just didn't find it funny) and really didn't like Prada (as you know).

  3. Oh oh oh! Cache for sure!

  4. What did you think of Munich? I've been wanting to see that one.

  5. V for Vendetta and Brokeback Mountain were my favorite movies. The worst I can think of right now wasa the remake of The Omen, but I know there was something worse...

  6. 1. Little Miss Sunshine
    2. Munich
    3. Running with Scissors

  7. I am always finding those little stubs!

    The Illusionist was amazing, completely unexpected. Unlike The Prestige, which looked so good in Previews and then turned out to be boringish.

  8. brad: Any movie where you get to see Eric Bana nakey has to be good, right? *heh* Seriously, it was a good picture. Very thought provoking.

    everyone else: thanks for your comments ... i now have a few more films to add to my NetFlix queue!

  9. My movie list:

    Pink Panther - Hamburger. Need I say more? V good once you just forget about Peter Sellers.n

    Superman - Just throws all his troubles into outer space - his answer to everything.

    Little Miss Sunshine - Just don't get why everyone loves this film. In my humble opinion its about an ugly kid who loses a talent show after being taught to be a slut by her dead grandfather paedophile? Or am I missing something here?

    V for Vendetta - liked. Quite a lot.

    Firewall - bunch of arse

    Da vinci code - Good to see a bit of Europe