Friday, May 05, 2006


Weirdness #1. Yesterday, I bought the Harry Potter 4 DVD. Later, I discovered it was the icky "full-screen" edition. A sale sticker was covering that crucial information. During my lunch break today, I returned the DVD and purchased both the HP3 and HP4 wide-screen editions.

Here's where it gets weird:

The DVD I bought yesterday was $19.99 (plus tax). I used my Borders VISA reward certificates to pay for it :-)

The DVDs I bought today were $16.99 (HP3) and $22.99 (HP4).

($16.99 + $22.99) - $19.99 = $19.99 (plus tax)

However, I was charged $2.11. As I left the store, I started to think, "Waitaminnit. That's not right."

During my afternoon break (a few minutes ago), I went back to Borders to explain what happened. The Cute Little Cash Register Girl deleted the previous sale and rang everything up again.

The total? $2.11.

It still doesn't make any sense. Maybe something screwy is going on with Borders' cash registers. She was like, "It doesn't look right, but I rang everything up correctly."

Uh. OK.

Weirdness #2. After Weirdness #1, I called John by pressing #2 on my speed dial. I was standing near Georgia Avenue at the time, so it was hard to hear. But, this is a fair representation of the conversation I had:

John: Hello
Me: Hey. What are you doing?
John: Doing my bidness.
Me: Doing your "bidness?"
John: Yeah.
John: Who is this?
Me: It's Steven.
John: Steven who?
Me: (stunned silence)
John: Hello?

He hung up on me.

Um. OK? As the "conversation" progressed and the street noise faded, John began to sound not like John. I can only assume that either 1) someone else answered his phone or 2) the signals got crossed somehow.

So, who the hell is answering John's phone? Or what the hell is going on?

I waited for him to call back and be all "Ha ha I had you going there," but he hasn't.

Now, I'm waiting for Weirdness #3. It's been that kind of day.

Update: Phone weirdness has been solved. John lost his phone. "John" was the guy who found it "having fun." WTF ever.

Happy Friday. Joyous Weekend!
*smooches and lap dances*


  1. Well, I guess you got cheap DVDs then, which is nice, but that phone conversation was *weird*.

  2. john #1 "lost" his "phone" where "phone" is a metaphor for "mind"? and john #2 is sybil masquerading as john #1? and when sybil leaves the room, the "phone" has been found again? who really is john #2 i wonder.

  3. That really is quite odd. Would you like me to torch a few villages and get it all sorted out?

  4. weirdness #1: not so weird. mostly, very lucky.

    weirdness #2: truly weird. did john really lose his phone? and who is this second john? hmm... weird.