Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend Update: Shopping and Drinking Edition

First, don't forget: It's Meat-Free Monday!!! Yay!

For those of you who would like to participate, you only have to have one meat-free meal today. Yes, you can still have your bacon, sausage, ham and egg biscuit for breakfast and your greasy fried chicken smothered in gravy for dinner if you have a nice veggie sandwich for lunch. Easy, huh?

Posting a picture of your meat-free meal and leaving a comment on my blog gets you extra *smooches* from me and my tens of thousands of readers.

I thank you. My friends thank you. Cute furry [and feathery] farm animals thank you.

My plans for Meat-Free Monday include making an orzo salad from Epicurious ... I'll dig up the link later. [Found it!]

So, my weekend ...

Friday evening, because John was in Annapolis for work and I was uninspired to go out, I stayed in. I made yummy vegetarian tacos (thanks to Mush for the idea!) and drank tequila (actually, mezcal from Oaxaca -thanks Diablo!). I also watched my new Harry Potter DVDs.

John got home around 9ish, I think. But, a friend of his from work (actually, the training last month) called. The Friend was driving to a wedding in MD and needed a place to crash. Friend doesn't know John is gay, so I guess John had to run around the house erasing evidence of my presence.

John had asked me to keep my Saturday open so we could do "something." Friday night, he said he wanted to go to Old Town Alexandria and would pick me up around noon. I really should be used to this by now, but John picked me up at 3.

We took the convertible, which was nice, did a little shopping, and ended up having dinner at an Indian restaurant. John has this idea that I don't like Indian food, which is not true. I do (even though I find a lot of it to be texturally unappealing). I have explained to him that I like Indian, but it is not one of my favorites. When given a list of food options, Indian food is rarely my first choice. But, I eat it. Every now and then. Like on Saturday. I *heart* nan.

Sunday morning, after fun fun morning sex, I helped John around the house with some stuff, like laundry, while he washed the cars. Later, we drove to Target, where I successfully spent the $100 gift card my parents gave me for my birthday [and then some]. I also got a nasty paper cut and bled all over the place.

I bought a new CD player ... and a punch bowl ... and some fun acryllic plates, which are supposed to look like flowers, but -in actuality- look more like alien-infested amoebas. John bought a trashcan, some TV trays (which I also wanted to buy, but they didn't have the color I wanted in stock), and citronella candles.

Gah! Suddenly I feel so gay.

Anyway, John dropped me off at my place, because the Friend was coming back later that evening. Something about he needed to go into John's office today. I knitted for a bit, watched 13 Conversations about 1 Thing, ate leftover Indian food, and basically blobbed around the house until bed. Bed. Good.

And, there you have it. My weekend. From soup to nuts.


  1. Happy Meat free monday! I just posted a picture of lunch on my blog.

  2. i want a convertible!

  3. "Gah! Suddenly I feel so gay" - where have you been the rest of your life?

  4. I meant "gayer than I normally do."

    Did they really need explanation?

  5. Three hours late.



    I have never eaten a multi-course meal that actually ended with nuts.

  6. I have. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*