Monday, May 08, 2006

Meat-free Monday: Orzo Salad Edition

Today for Meat-free Monday, I made an orzo salad from I linked to the recipe in a previous entry. It's pretty good, although I think 1 cup of basil is a bit too much. Additionally, the recipe makes LOADS. I'll probably take it into work tomorrow and force my co-workers to eat the rest of it. Ha!

The bread is kalamata olive bread from Whole Foods. YUM!

Thanks to Persian Guy for posting a picture of his meat-free lunch. I hope lots of you also had a meat-free meal today. Leave a comment and/or post a picture on your blog if you did.

*meat-free smooches*

UPDATE: I unfortunately omitted the wonderful person who originally sent me the link to the recipe ... Kristen, YOU ROCK!!! [Now, create a blog so I can link to you ;-)]


  1. i'm glad you identified the brown stuff, i thought it was meatloaf. can the orzo stuff be frozen? if so, why waste it on co-workers?

    does it count if my only meal today had meat in it and i didn't eat anything (including meat) the rest of the day?

  2. omg that looks incredible!

    It's like 11:00 PM right now and you have made me hungry


  3. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Well, I haven't run into a bitter old queen in a long time- since I quit doing community theater. But you have good taste in food!

    If you pal around with any single jewish gals send 'em my way.

    Take care. Amishav

  4. it looks like a 6-eyed chysanthemum headed squid with pimento loaf tentacles! creepy.

  5. Send me that bread.