Thursday, May 11, 2006

No Sleep in Mudville

... and not for the reasons we like not getting sleep either.

Someone (who shall remain nameless, but I'll give you a hint: It starts with "J" and rhymes with "Bohn") gave the dog a couple of slices of greasy leftover deep-fried chicken breast.

Now, Someone Else [me] told Someone not to give leftover chicken to the dog because it makes the dog's tummy upset. Did Someone listen to me?

Of course not.

Was the dog up all night pacing back and forth and letting out super-noxious doggie farts?

Of course.

Did Someone have to get up not once, but twice, to let the dog out to do his business?


Did Someone Else [me] have to listen to all this pacing and farting and getting up and lying down and yelling at the dog all night?


Needless to say, Someone Else is very very very sleepy [and a little crankigrumpy] this morning. I want to go back to bed.



  1. kill 'em, kill 'em all, i say!

    sleepy head.

  2. I didn't get much sleep either last night, but not because of doggy gas. I hate feeling drained like I do this morning, even tea hasn't helped.


  3. Silly Someone. Poor Someone Else.

    Damn dog.