Monday, May 22, 2006

At Last, Good-bye

The parental units left this morning around 6:15. *audible sigh of relief*
Here's my rundown of the weekend ...

They arrived Friday around 3:30. I left work early and met them at the Whole Foods. We picked up some groceries and drove to my apartment. They haven't seen my new place yet and, even though it is exactly the same as my old place (except the floor plan is reversed and it has hardwood floors and I actually own it rather than rent it), they were excited ... opening all the doors and such. Fortunately, I had hidden the likker [and gay-identifying items] well.

Around 5:30, we went to dinner at Mandalay, the Burmese restaurant in Silver Spring. YUM! My parents are not adventurous eaters so it's always a challenge to get them to try new things, but they seemed to like the ginger salad and their mild chicken and vegetables in brown sauce. I had the super spicy Mandalay tofu. Mmmmm ... After dinner, we walked around "downtown" Silver Spring for a bit. Then, we went back to my place - Mom cleaned. Dad and I watched a DVD (Harry Potter II).

Also, my friend and former housemate, Alison, called. I had forgotten that she was coming into town for the weekend. We made tentative plans to meet on Saturday evening.

Saturday, the parents and I drove out to PetSmart, Target and Kohls. At Kohls, I found this really fun pair of "going out" pants. They were on the sale rack, marked down from $40 to $23. However, when the woman rang them up, they were $2.50. SWEET! At PetSmart, I bought the gigantobag of cat food for Isabella. And, at Target, I got all sorts of household supplies, including some fun TV trays and new curtains for the kitchen. Yay for parents buying me things!

That evening, we had dinner at El Golfo (spinach enchiladas - YUM!). We went back to my place, where I locked them in and headed to the metro station to meet Alison. On the way, I stopped off at John's for blowjobs and good-byes. [He left early Sunday morning for a work trip to San Francisco (bastard).] While I was gone, Mom scoured the house clean. Dad watched a DVD.

I met Alison and her boyfriend, Peter, around 9 at Cleveland Park, which is near where we used to live. They had dinner on Alero's patio, whilst I drank margaritas. Yum. Then, we walked down to Aroma for drinks. I forget sometimes how cheap that bar is - called martinis were only $6 or so. The conversation and reminiscing was fun. I hope they email me some of the pictures they took, because I forgot my camera. Around 1AM, I looked at my watch and realized "fuck! it's 1 AM. I need to get home."

After a long metro ride, I got in around 2 and was in bed by 2:30.

Unfortunately, the parents started KLOMPING around the apartment at about 7. *urgh* I somehow managed to stay horizontal until 8:30, butafter that there was no hope. So, I got up and made a pot of STRONG coffee. We (OK, I) blobbed around the house until nearly noon. Then, we went to the metro station and into DC.

First stop: NMAI. I don't really like it all that much. The space/building is absolutely stunning, but it is not optimumly used, and the beautiful artifacts are poorly presented.

Then, we wandered over to the National Gallery of Art [East Wing] to see the Charles Sheeler exhibit. It was fab. Of course, I may be biased since I wrote a paper on Charles Sheeler in high school. The fascinating thing for me was to watch the evolution of his painting from precisionism to cubism and to see how his photography influenced his paintings. We also wandered around the "small French paintings" permanent exhibit. Alas, not all the paintings were "small." Some seemed "medium." I felt misled.

We had had an early (and light) lunch, so by 3:30 we were all hungry. We walked up to Jaleo for an early dinner. OMFGWTFBBQ!!!11one. I *so* love Jaleo. The food is always amazing. YUM!

After dinner, we metro'ed home. I got off at Fort Totten so I could feed the pooch and spend some quality time with him. The folks went directly home. I drove John's car back to my house around 7. We played Yahtzee and went to bed early (9ish). So tired.

This morning, I got up at 5:15. We all left the house around 6:15. I drove over to John's to "do" the dog. The folks left, so they would miss some of the morning rush hour. Even though I left John's at the regular time (around 7:30), I got to work really early. There was hardly any traffic at all. Wonder why?

So, all in all, a good visit/weekend.

My friend, Christal, seems to think my parents know I'm gay. I'm not so sure. They spend an awful lot of time talking about marriage and grandchildren [and why I don't go to church. *bleah*]. The opportunity presented itself to come out to them several times, but I didn't/couldn't. I'm not sure why ... I don't think I'm afraid of disappointing them. Maybe I am. I think, mainly, I don't want to deal with the aftermath. It will be messy, and I'm inherently lazy and enjoy the status quo.


  1. You know, I rather appreciate the honesty in your statement, "I don't want to deal with the aftermath. It will be messy, and I'm inherently lazy and enjoy the status quo." I totally hear that. Messiness is not always preferred to status quo. Rules one understands are sometimes comforting.

    It sucks you don't have the kind of family that would make it easy to be more fully the wonderful martini-sipping boy-loving creature that you are. But on the other hand, if that's the worst thing that happens to you this month you're doing pretty well in the grand scheme of things. At least the sheriff didn't come serve YOU papers this morning!

  2. Your mother cleans your place when she visits? Your parents buy you stuff?

    That must be why I no longer bother to stay in contact with my parents aside from obligatory cards on birthdays and holidays.