Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pennies from Heaven

Every time it rains it rains/ Pennies from heaven./ Don't you know each cloud contains/ Pennies from heaven.

Or every package contains Cookies from Adam. I'm trying to save them for my lunch break. We'll see if it can happen, because they look and smell so yummilicious! Thanks, Adam!!!!

The wedding rundown ...

I arrived late Thursday night (around 10:30PM or so), after being stuck in a traffic jam in downtown Atlanta (I-75?) at 10PM. Traffic! At 10PM! You'd think I was driving on the Beltway or something.

I met Catherine at the hotel and heard her hardluck tale of bad hotel luck, involving lost reservations, smoking rooms, and bad rollaway beds. I'm glad I arrived after all of that happened.

The next day, I blobbed around the hotel, while Catherine went to a Girlie Bridal Lingerie Picnic in the Marietta Square. It was originally planned to be held at a cute little tea shop, but the tea shop went out of business without notifying parties with reservations.

That afternoon, I drove to the rehearsal at the Marietta Garden Education Center, a beautiful old house with a lovely garden (the site of the wedding). The weather was stunning. The Blue Angels roaring overhead was a bit distracting though.

After the rehearsal, we went back to the hotel for a quick freshening up. Then, we drove over to Uncle Ray and Aunt Don's house for the rehearsal dinner: a pig-pickin'! I so miss being able to eat pulled pork barbeque. *sigh*

The spread wasn't exactly veggie-friendly, so I had a coleslaw sandwich and potato salad. Fortunately, there were lots of margaritas and Georgia microbrewed beer to be drunk and home-made banana puddin' to be eaten. OMFG! The banana puddin' so rocked! Quoth one of Colin's nephews, who had never had banana puddin' before (shock!), "It's a miracle!"

As bridesmaids, Catherine and I had to be at the wedding site at 10AM. GAH! Somehow, we made it.

Everything at the wedding went flawlessly. Prior to, the caterers served hors d'oeurves, mini orange muffins stuffed with turkey and scallops wrapped in bacon, to the guests and wedding party. The wedding, itself, was short and sweet. Suzanne looked great in her hand-sewn wedding dress. Yes, she made it herself. WOW. And, Colin looked handsome in his new suit.

After the wedding, there were lots of pictures taken and then the bridal party got to open the buffet! YAY! Pasta salad, chicken salad, green beans with almonds, my favorite: cheese grits, asparagus quiche, and country ham. YUM.

The wedding was full of cute little touches: old pictures of grandparents' weddings decorated the rooms, the boutineers and bouquets had rosemary from Aunt Don's garden, mint juleps with homemade mint syrup from the same garden, bellinis with homemade peach puree from Georgia peaches picked last summer, pottery wine glasses from Puebla ...

The wedding cake was delicious - made from scratch with a buttercreme frosting. YUM! As Noel said, "it has such a delicate crumb." I'm not exactly sure what that means, but ... oooh ... so good.

After the reception, I drove Federica, Suzanne's former intern from Sardinia, back to the house to pick up her luggage. She stayed with us that night, so Catherine could drive her to the airport in the morning (4:45AM. ugh.).

Saturday night, Theresa, one of Suzanne's oldest friends, hosted a post-wedding party at a local restaurant. Yummy drinks and appetizers were had by all.

Sunday, I slept in. Then, I found a mexican restaurant for an early lunch. Much to my dismay, when I ordered a beer, I discovered that booze could not be served until after 12:30. *curses Southern blue laws*

Then, I drove back out to the house to watch Suzanne and Colin open their gifts. What a haul! I should get married. Ha.

Once they finished, I left to drive to Spelman University to visit with Christal. We ended up going out to a newish part of Atlanta, Atlantic Station, and having dinner at Grapes (a wine bar/cafe). The food was good, as was the wine. And, there was live music. It was a fun night out.

We got up early Monday to go to the airport. I had an afternoon flight, but switched to an early morning one. I arrived back in DC around 11. John met me at the airport and we went to Zorba's in Dupont Circle for lunch.

Then, we headed back to his place and had sex for HOURS! hot hot hot. In fact, I'm getting a little light-headed just thinking about it. mmmm ...

*snaps out of it*

Later, I went over to my place to play with my pussy. She seemed none the worse for wear. I need to unpack all of my stuff this evening, I guess. When I got back, we had dinner [I forgot to take pictures for Meatfree Monday], blobbed around, talked, and then went to bed.

Waking up together was really nice this morning. I missed it a lot.


  1. Yay!

    He's back, and he is back as well!

    Good company, good food, good s... I mean, reunion.

    I'm jealous.

  2. Aww, morning snugs. Yay!

    Your trip sounds fun. You *should* get married, you get great presents. I got the best kitchen stuff when I got married!


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  4. you can come up here and get married :) i'll give you an iron as a wedding present and some dish towels wrapped around martini glasses as a shower present. i can arrange to have the united church on the other side of town (which would be in the neighbourhood where you live distancewise) that has the pink triangles on it. You could have a good christian wedding to invite your folks to. :D

    oh, you mentioned chicken salad and ham, you didn't eat meat did you? after resisting eating pulled bbq pork, one would think that you wouldn't eat those.

  5. cookies from Adam? They do look pretty amazing :)