Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Crankiness is an Asset

I awoke slightly cranky this morning. Perhaps, this was because John had to get up around 4 to leave for his training in Southern Maryland or Western Virginia or somewhere ... that man could not be quiet if he were made entirely of fluffy white cotton and lived in a velvet-lined box.

Of course, Oscar, the happy face-licky DemonDog Puppy from Hell, who was also awake at 4AM, didn't help.

John left around 6. I had a lie-in until 6:30. I don't know why I was so tired this morning. It could have been because of all the sex yesterday. *rowr* Nothing like celebrating the One Year Anniversary of Our First Date with style ... and lots and lots of ass-pounding.

I can't wait to see how we celebrate the One Year Anniversary of the Day After Our First Date.


The point of this being that, when I finally crawled out of bed, showered, and schleped to work, I was a little cranky. Fortunately, after I bought my venti coffee and apple fritter (aka the Doom of Mankind), I rounded the corner to my office, and what did my wondering eyes behold?

Two bus loads of high school seniors taking up the entire sidewalk in front of my office.

"Yay," I thought, smiling to myself. "It's clobberin' time."

I ran the gauntlet of annoyingly fashion impaired Mid-Westerners, loudly saying, "Excuse me," and -accidentally- *cough* bumping into as many of them as I could.

OK. I'll admit it: Groping the obviously gay one wasn't an accident.

Haaaah. I felt much better. Nothing like -accidentally- roughing up some high school tourists to make the day seem brighter :-)

And, a co-worker just brought in doughnuts. Life. Good.


  1. totally scandalous!!! groping high schoolers??? do i need to call "dateline" on your lots and lots of pounded ass?

  2. Have fun celebrating the anniversary of the day after your first date! How cute. And yes, very scandalous.

  3. The obviously gay one?

  4. Doughnuts are pure evil, right up there with Ice Cream and French Fries.