Monday, May 08, 2006


I emailed my most fantabulicious cousin (the recently married one) this morning concerning my likker-making dilemma. There were so many eerie coincidences in her email that I had to share ...

excerpts -which is an odd-looking word- from Cousin's email in green. My thoughts in [brackets].

Yeah – my thinking was mint.

[I thought mint, too!]

We’re interviewing a job candidate today – so this is my first time at my computer today.

[I had to interview job candidates today, too!]

I went to a yoga class at lunch today and now I can barely move.

[I borrowed a yoga DVD from Robert and tried it for the first time on Saturday morning! So, I only did like 15 minutes of yoga and then watched the rest of no more of the DVD, but still ... here's the conversation I had with Robert later that same day:

Me: I tried that yoga DVD, but I thought it would start slow with lots of stretching.
Robert: It does.]

I borrowed Noel’s Indian cookbook last night and will grocery shop tomorrow. She’s always cooking really yummy Indian vegetarian stuff – I hope I can too.

[I had yummy Indian vegetarian food on Saturday (and Sunday) AND I went grocery shopping today!]

Married life is pretty much like living-together life except that we have new jewelry for our ring fingers.

[I have a new band-aid on the horrible Target paper cut on my thumb!]

Creepy, huh?

OK. I have to go back to the Whole Foods because I forgot to buy orzo. Then, I need to go to the likker store. Mmmm. likker store.


  1. You are so silly.

    I make wonderful vegetarian Indian food.

  2. "i thought it would start slow with lots of stretching."

    "it does."