Monday, May 29, 2006

Stupid Midwest

VUBOQ is now hating all that is flat and boring and in the middle of the US (except for Iowa, Home of the Most Marvelous Mush).

Stupid thunderstorms have delayed John's flight in Chicago. He should be here NOW. Instead, he is sitting on the tarmac awaiting take-off. I told him to go tell the pilot that they have special cargo and should be given priority.

I gotsta get my luvin'.

Anyway, while waiting, I finally finished the back panel of my ribbed sweater. Unlike PeskyMac, who can finish a sweater in a day and a half, it only took me FOUR MONTHS. At this blistering pace, my first sweater *should* be finished by the time cold weather approaches.

Check it out:

Twenty-seven inches of delicious ribbed goodness.


Pervy Monkeys!


  1. The sweater looks cool! I used to knit when I was a kid but I only done squares of "normal knit" - I'd never be able to do those ribby bits you've managed. I used to send my squares to the local old folks home where they'd sew them together into blankets and give them to the needy. That reminds me of my gran again. Get ready for another story of "days gone by" on my blog...!

    (And, I mentioned it on my site, but incase you don't read it, the "contact" link on your profile is broken! Would like to email you about something if poss?)

    Only Me

  2. O.M.F.G. Your sweater rocks! You rock! I love you and everything you stand for!

    Sweaterliciousness! I'm so proud!

    And I hate the Midwest too. Sheesh. Whole damned place is an armpit.

  3. Sweatery goodness! You almost make me want to take up knitting. Almost...!

  4. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Nice! I like how the bottom edge is kind of ruffly. Your stitches look very even. The color-choice was great, too!

    And I know most of Missouri is a pit of despair, but Columbia is awesome. So there. :P