Friday, May 19, 2006

The Concept of Lines

As I was standing in line waiting to order my egg and cheese biscuit and large coffee ($2.82) at the local Chik-fil-a, a large man walked in. He stood behind me for a moment. Then, as soon as the next cash register opened up, he walked past me and started to give his order.

I said, "Excuse me, sir, but I was next in line."

He slowly turned, glared at me, and continued to give his order.

Uh? What? The only thing I can think of is, because no one is *that* rude (right?), he doesn't speak English. He must be some foreign worker who doesn't understand the rules and niceties that govern our society.

So, I let it slide.

Well, that and he was like 8 feet tall and 300 pounds. He obviously needed his chicken biscuit more urgently than I.

In other news, the parental units arrive this afternoon. Oh, joy! The house is reasonably presentable. At least it was when I left it last night. More than likely Isabella has left a little Vomit of Joy somewhere conspicuous.

Also, last night, I stopped by Christal's house to check her mail and water her plants. After I set the alarm, I got into my car and noticed a couple of things I meant to leave for her. I went back into the house and punched in the security code.

D'oh! I used John's security code! AAAH!

Panic! I tried to enter in Christal's code. The little beeper kept beeping.
I tried again. Still beeping ...

3 ... 2 ... 1 ...



Unfortunately, I left all her security passwords at home. GAH!

Stupid thing wouldn't turn off. The phone rings. It's the security people, but we get disconnected [or he hangs up].

Finally, the siren stops. Christal calls. We get it all sorted out, and I go on my merry (mary?) way to John's.

At John's, we ate dinner and watched the series finale of Will and Grace (boring and not all that funny). We watched a little more TV, then went to bed to have lots of butt sex (yay!). *sigh* There won't be any more butt sex for awhile ... I can't remember when he gets back from San Francisco. I think it's a week from Sunday. In the meantime, thank god for free internet porn :-)



  1. That happened to me more than once at my mother's when I'm pet sitting. Its frightening when that thing is going off and you can't remember the code. lol

    Ohh butsex! I am soo jealous :)

  2. perhaps you can explore uranus while john is out of town although you'll have to travel to hawaii for a telescope that is big enough.

  3. I am pretty neurosis-free overall, but there are two things I'm inordinately afraid of. One is flushing a public toilet only to have it overflow, and the other is setting off a fucking security system. Argh!