Sunday, May 28, 2006

Weekend Update: Too Much to Drink Edition

After I left work on Friday (a few minutese early), I bought Kelly's bridal shower presents at Homo Rule. Then, I met Diablo at Halo to celebrate his last day of work. We walked in, and who did we see? Diablo's very tall friend, J.! I ordered our drinks - margarita for D and I tried the cucumber ginger martini (without the sugar). The bartender took the cukes, some ginger, and some mint, muddled it, mixed it with vodka and strained. It tasted like a mint martini with a hint of cuke and no ginger flavor whatsoever. Quite vomitous.

So, for my free drink, I asked Diablo to tell them to leave out the sugar and the mint! That was better. But, it still didn't have much gingeryness. I probably won't order that again.

Then, we went to dinner at Cafe Saint Ex on 14th St. Billy joined us there. I had the BLT without the B. It was yummy - fried green tomatoes and some sort of interesting mayo. Plus, sweet potato fries on the side. MMM mmm good.

I staggered home and woke up tres hungover.

Which didn't stop me from meeting everyone (Diable, Billy, TK, J, Tomoko, and Eric from Baltimore) at Alero in Cleveland Park for Saturday Afternoon Margaritas. The weather was beautiful - blue skies, fluffy white clouds, warm-bordering-on-hot sunshine. Four pitchers later, we decide to continue the evening at -you guessed it!- Halo.

This time I steered clear of the cucumber gingertini and Eric and I both ordered the watermelon margarita. It was YUMMY. It tasted just like a watermelon Jolly Rancher. Very refreshing. and boozy!

Eric and I left pretty early, around 9. I was getting tired and the booze was catching up to me. I'll need to call Diablo in a bit to see how the rest of the evening played out.

Today is the bridal shower. It's a good thing I called Christal yesterday, because I was thinking the shower starts at 6. Ha. No. It ends at 6. It starts at 3:30. I would have been a little late.

No other plans for the day though. I think I'm going to get my coffee and eat breakfast out on the deck this morning.


  1. Just out of interest do you get ginger beer out there or is that just a British thing? I don't think I've ever noticed it for sale in Australia but then it's not really the sort of thing you'd notice unless you were looking for it...Enjoy the bridal shower thing!

    Only Me

  2. I want a Watermelon Margherita now. Sounds like you are having a great holiday weekend thus far, why do your posts always make me thirsty? :)

  3. Persian guy - I know what you mean! After my comment earlier I just had to go out and buy some ginger beer. But then I decided cocktails would be more fun. Just got home. VUBOQ, I blame you in advance for my

    Only Me

  4. I'm ok with being blamed.

    and, yes, i know what ginger beer is. they sell it at Whole Foods. love the stuff :-)



  5. Those cucumber gingertinis sound gross. I made BRILLIANT lemontinis this weekend, myself.

    Isn't warm weather so much better than cold? Yay!