Monday, May 15, 2006

It's Raining Levis


I should've snapped a quick pic with my camera phone this morning, but -by the time I remembered I had a camera phone- I had walked too far past the pair of Levis dangling from the electrical wires stretched across Wayne Avenue.

I wonder if it means the same thing as a pair of shoes.

Yesterday was a me doing a whole lot of nothing ... John crawled into bed around 2:30AM from his sojourn to Wet. I slept miserably - I blame the Stoli Doli hangover in combination with prickly new down-filled mattress cover thing John bought at Hecht's One Day Sale. I tried to sleep in, but Oscar was having none of that. Stupid DemonDog Puppy from Hell.

Fortunately, John makes coffee (and lots of it) every morning! I put together John's TV tray stand, while he cleaned his house. I watched several movies on cable: National Treasure, 13 Going on 30, and Bridget Jones' Diary II. We, then, drove to my house so I could drop off some stuff and change shoes [John is a little embarassed to be seen with me when I am wearing my pink Converse hi-top All Stars.].

Then, we drove over to Friendship Heights for a little shopping. I bought two acryllic plates at World Market and 2 pairs of jeans at Filene's Basement (Guess, $19.99 each, regular price $100). Actually, John paid for one pair. It's the least he could do for all the free dog-sitting (and sex) he is getting. Ha.

Later, he drove me to Whole Foods so I could buy fixin's for dinner. After he dropped me off, I made food and blobbed around the house. I watched a DVD. I played with my pussy. I knitted a bit. I went to bed.

Don't forget: Today is Meat Free Monday! Enjoy a meat-free meal and help save the planet! Post a picture on your blog and receive extra smooches from me! I'll be posting a picture and recipe around noon today. Stay tuned.


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