Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'm a Keeper, if Only for My Dog-Sitting Abilities

so said Diablo in a recent IM conversation ...

John is off to San Francisco on the 21st. He'll be gone all week. I'll be dog-sitting. so. excited.

He suggested I join him out there for Memorial Day weekend, but I had planned a SAM Event and I'm going to a bridal shower. I need to decide if I should bail on those events. What would you do? What would you do?

Of course, it would also involve kenneling the pooch ... which would mean taking at least a half day off ... which might not be possible considering my boss will be out that week and we are short-staffed.

GAH. I will probably end up not going.

In other news,

I'll be making my experimental strawberry booze today after work! Yay! Whole Foods didn't have any mint, so I decided to make strawberry lemon booze. Hopefully, it will be delicious (and nutritious!).

Also, according to my research (digging through my Yahoo! inbox) the one year anniversary of our first date is May 16th. We met in Dupont Circle and had dinner at Levantes. Then, we went to Cobalt and ended up making out for awhile [How did *that* happen?]. I wonder if we'll do anything special to mark the occasion?

I'm hungry. My break is in 14 minutes and I can run to Chik-fil-a for an egg and cheese biscuit and a large coffee ($2.82).


1 comment:

  1. You're such a keeper!

    Sounds like you can't go. *sigh* Why your silly BF not STAY HOME MORE OFTEN?!?

    Anniversary! Anniversary! Anniversary! Yay! DH and I usually celebrate ours with new tattoos.