Wednesday, May 03, 2006

On the Road to Becoming a Blobstrosity

The Chipotle Burrito eating tradition is as follows:
1. Order ginormous burrito "to go."
2. In restaurant dining room, cut ginormous burrito in half.
3. Eat one half.
4. Wrap other half in remaining foil.
5. Save it for dinner [or lunch the next day].

Recently, however, there have been some startling changes in my metabolism or something. I'm still gol-friggin-darnit hungry after eating only one half. What's happened? Why am I still hungry? I used to be full after eating half. Now, I want to eat the WHOLE THING. All of it. In one gulp.

But, I won't.

I have willpower. I can resist.

I will not eat the other half.
I will not become blobulous.
I will not.

[Stay tuned for "Resistance is Futile" entry.]


  1. They make those things delicious so you'll eat the whole thing. It's a Communist plot!

  2. eeeeat it.... eat the delicious, greasy burrito... eaaaat it! Eat it all!