Sunday, May 14, 2006

I'm Not Sure How I Should Feel About Today

or ... er ... yesterday, since it's after midnight.

It started off brilliantly with friggin' amazing morning sex and cranberry pancakes (both courtesy John).

Around 11 am John dropped me off at my place with an "I'll call you later." I did lots of little things: hung a few pictures, cleaned out a closet, organized my CDs, watched a DVD, drank some plum wine, ate lunch, vacuumed, went roller blading in the park, showered ... blah blah blah ...

Come 6PM, still no call from the John ... so I decided to head into the District. I met up with Diablo and Billy. We went to Titan for a few drinks. John finally called. We talked for a bit but made no plans.

D, B, and I wandered around with B deciding to go home. D and I went to Logan Tavern for a late night snack and more drinks. Lo and Behold, D's date from the previous night, heretofore known as Giganticus, walked by and joined us. I left Giganticus and D to decide what they wanted to do: fuck or go to Blow-Off.

I walked to the Metro station, calling John repeatedly. Finally, when I was at Brookland, he answered ...

Where are you?
Why didn't you let me know where you were going?
I didn't want you to leave your friends.
Well, they're gone and I'm going home.
Why don't you go to my place?
Take a taxi from the station.

I arrived at the station. I didn't take a taxi.
Now, I'm here. It's a little after 1. I'll brush my teeth and go to bed soon.
John will stagger in later.

I had fun out with D and B ... but I'm a little frustrated with John. gah.



  1. Men. Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em.

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  3. hmmm, what is it you want from john? if you define that and it is in line with what you are getting, then all is well.