Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Oops. I Did It Again.

Leave it to someone else to remind me that I forgot Meat-Free Monday: Holiday Edition. GAH!

Of course, I ate meat-free (veggie burgers), but forgot to take a picture. This will have to do:

As it would happen, I also ate meat - a big hunky piece of hot chocolate chicken. YUM. Yes, John's flight finally left Chicago and landed in DC around 9:30. I ordered some Chinese take-out for him (5 hours on a plane with no food = very hungry John). He got home around 10, ate, showered, and we went to "bed."

And, boy, am I tired.

Meanwhile, everyone scroll down and look at the back panel of my sweater. Tell me how wonderful it is. I need the positive reinforcement, otherwise I may never get up the energy to cast on the 100+ stitches for the front panel.

*meat-free smooches*

More later ...

PS. I've added Double Take to my list of Blogoliciousness. Enjoy!

PPS. The horror! Starbucks has reduced the size of its apple fritter from humongoloid to teeny. It's still the same price. Color me disappointed.


  1. I'm so proud of your sweater panel I could fucking DIE. You better cast on the for the front. You got to knit that sweater! Got to!

    And I had a black bean tostada so I was meat-free. Love me.

    Yay your man is back!

  2. the sweater is shaping up beautifully. i ate meat yesterday, sorry. leftover venison stew. although, my lunch may have been meat free. i had cream of mushroom soup that the university made (yummy!) that may or may not have involved chicken stock. i don't know for sure, and a cheddar cheese and salsa bunwich.