Wednesday, May 03, 2006

No Joy in Mudville

in which I shamelessly steal Mush's use of "in which" as a means to introduce a blog entry and get no nookie

As I was leaving work (yay!) yesterday, I called John to see if I should plan on eating dinner at my place or not. He said I should eat at my place because he was going to a work happy hour and would pick me up when it was over. That was at 5:30.

At 11:00, no word from the Big J, so I went to bed. At 11:30, my phone rings, waking me up (of course).

"I am so fucked up."
"I figured. You're not driving home, are you?"
"I'm not that fucked up."
"You're fucked up enough to call me to tell me you're fucked up."
"I'm fine. I stopped drinking and sobered up for awhile before I left the bar."
"Oh, good. I feel much better about you driving then."

We talked until he safely arrived home.

The happy hour was with his new co-workers/bosses/something. While he was in Georgia, he was re-assigned to several new contracts [most of which require some travel. gah!]. Apparently, this happy hour was so he could meet and be met.

Said John, "It does require travel [pause]. But, not a lot [pause]. Maybe you could drive up and meet me on the weekends [pause]. I'll be going to King of Prussia."

Where? What? Isn't that a person? No? It's a city? Isn't that a bit like saying you live in President of the United States, MO?

King. of. Prussia. What the fuck up with that name?

Anyway, that was pretty much the gist of the conversation. More travel means more dog-sitting. Bleah.

So, last night, while waiting for John to call (ha! The song with the lyrics "Waiting for the stars to fall" just started playing in my head!), I watched Mad Hot Ballroom which was friggin' awesome! I so want to learn to merengue now. hot! hot! hot!

I also knitted a couple of rows on the Neverending Sweater of Doom. If I ever finish this friggin' sweater it will be a miracle (but not as sweet as banana puddin').

Not much on the agenda for today. Maybe I'll balance my checkbook ...


  1. he was on the phone talking to you while under the influence as he drove home? eek.

  2. On the plus side you can go shopping when visiting King of Prussia... maybe you can guilt him into buying you lots of pretty things (i.e., "I had to drive/take train/other transportation all the way up here and now I need you to buy me new pants/shirt/underware/etc.") :)

  3. A balanced checkbook is a happy checkbook.

    A boyfriend with a travelling job is one you can welcome home on a regular basis, with nasty nasty nookie and new cute underwear.

    Dog sitting sucks rocks.