Friday, May 05, 2006

In Honor of Cinco de Mayo

Here is the tale of my first (but not last) experience with the joys of Tequila ...

Jose Cuervo, you are a friend of mine
I like to drink you with a little salt and lime.

The year was 1988. In those uncertain times, a young man ventured off to college, Elon College to be exact.

Elon was mostly a suitcase college, at least among my friends. On the weekends, Those Who Remained would gather in our dorm rooms to drink away the nights.

One particular night early in the Fall Semester, I ended up with 3 friends, Donna, Meli, and Ashley. Ashley had somehow managed to get herself handcuffed to this random guy, Andrew (I think that was his name).

We were in his room and out came a bottle of tequila ... not the good stuff ... not even the bad stuff. This was tequila in a plastic bottle. A big plastic bottle. There was no salt, no lime. We passed the bottle around taking shots straight from it.

I have no idea how many times the bottle went around the circle, but I was well-lit by the end. We staggered out of Andrew's dorm room and into the main campus courtyard.

"Oh, look! The fountain," said Meli. "Let's get in."

Debate was brief. Soon, we were splashing around where we shouldn't.

Much after that point is a blur, a very big amorphous blur which ends with me waking up in my own bed in someone else's clothes.

Throughout the next day, random people brought me random articles of clothing, saying "You left this in my room last night."

Ah. OK.

The end.


  1. did someone else want his clothes back?
    did he even notice?

    and more importantly, what did he say you did with him?

  2. Anonymous2:21 PM

    I just have to giggle because I was 2 years old in the latter part of 1988.

  3. Yes, more about the random people returning clothes: were any of them cute? ;-)

  4. LOL great story, I have a similar one from Freshman year involving Black Russians and a shower.

    Happy Cinco :)

  5. oh my heavens! tequilla is the root of my very worst drunken encounter as well. at the end of the school semester in 1980, classmates and i went to the bar that was close to the school. there we did tequilla shots and sundry other things. sometime into the afternoon (yes, it was all before 4 pm) a classmate ruined a pair of marvelous boots by puking on them. another classmate drove me home. he got me into the apartment, poured me into my roommate's water bed, dropped the keys on the kitchen table and then went home. he was really quite sweet.

    anyway, i had the worst bedspins in that bed. it was all i could do to roll off the damned thing (it had a frame i had to crawl over) to get onto the floor. i passed out and remained there until my roommate got home. that was the very first time i burned food.

    so, never cook while under the influence of tequilla.

  6. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Heehe, I was two when you did that! ^_^ that makes me smile immensley.


  7. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Oh, dammit! Dillon pointed that out too! bah. Should read before I type huh? Wow, she is so my best friend...