Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thoughts on Booze

Recently, I was thinking about the Drinking During Lunch Break Taboo.

Why is it considered by so many to be so wrong? And, why do I feel so guilty if I simply think of ordering a beer or a glass of wine with my lunch? And, why does it feel so decadent when I do? [Not that I did today ... seriously ... I didn't.]

There are some occupations in which drinking during lunch is not the greatest of ideas - bus drivers, for example. However, I don't think it would significantly affect the work performance of most people in the corporate world. And yet, the two martini lunch has gone the way of the dodo.

I think a little alcohol would certainly help me get through my workday.

Speaking of alcohol taboos, I remember during my college days listening to a veteran teacher discussing her experiences. At one point, she said, "And if my husband and I want to have a glass of wine with dinner, we drive to a different city."

I was shocked: What?!? Don't people realize that teachers drink alcohol? [Apparently, in North Carolina, at least, they don't. My students were surprised when they learned that I would a) go to dance clubs, b) drink alcohol, and, on Teacher Workdays in the late Spring, c) wear shorts .]

One day during my student teaching semester, a fellow student teacher and I were commiserating over $0.99 white wine spritzers at the local Applebys. We had ordered our 4th round, when one of my students and his parents walked in.

I quickly pushed all the glasses over to my friend saying, "if he sees us, these are yours." Fortunately, the hostess took them to the other side of the restaurant and my reputation as a sober and serious student teacher remained intact.

Speaking of alcohol [and knitting], does anyone have a knitting pattern for a Bombay Sapphire cozy?


  1. I have the very occasional drink at lunch. (Usually a glass of wine at the French restaurant.) It's good. I like it. It does feel decadent.

    People don't drink martinis with lunch in the corporate world?

  2. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Okay, you had to know this was going to come from me, right?

    I couldn't find a cozy specific to Bombay Sapphire, or square bottles in general, but these two patterns should be easy to modify. Go here for a masculine look:
    or here for the ultra frou-frou:


  3. I used to love drinking on my lunch break. It seemed that the two-martini lunch was just enough to get a good buzz to last most of the remaining work day. Of course, I normally wouldn't eat while on those wonderful lunch breaks!