Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Nose Hurts

So ... yesterday was my first day back at work. I was extremely busy, as evidenced by the fact that I only updated my blog three times, took a short 1.5 hour lunch, and then an even shorter 1 hour coffee break to meet Robert.

My friend and fellow blogger, Billy, gave me a book for my birthday - The Underminer: Or, The Best Friend Who Casually Destroys Your Life. I have been assured that there was no underlying meaning to this gift. I finished the book over the weekend, so I passed it on to Robert. It's a quick, funny read. And, it's radically changed my life: Now, I go about undermining as many of my friends as possible. It's fun! It's exciting! You should try it!

After work, I walked home, packed a bag, fed the kitty, checked my mail, and headed to the metro station. Halfway to the metro station, I realized I had forgotten: 1) my hat, 2) all my toiletries, and 3) my phone charger. So, I turned around and walked back.

Just as the train was arriving at Fort Totten Station, John called, "Where are you?"
"Almost at Fort Totten."
"Oh. I wanted you to pick up a bag of salad."

There are no stores from the Ft. Totten to John's house. Once I arrived, he started whining about not having salad. So, I started to put on my coat.

"Don't think you're going to the corner store without me."
"Why not?"
"There's an 'element' there."
"What, like hydrogen?"
"You know what I mean and you're not going."
"Fine. Will you stop moaning about salad?"

Anyway, we had a saladless dinner, watched some TV, and then I went downstairs to watch my Harry Potter DVD (thanks, Mush!). John went to bed at some point. He's sick and hopefully not contagious.

That was my day. Exciting, huh?

Oh. Regarding this entry's title: My nose hurts. I don't know why. Whenever I blow it, I experience a stabbing pain inside my left nostril. Ow.


  1. the solution to the nose pain is to blow something else instead when you have the urge to blow again. and saladness dinner is a horrible way to end the day! i had nuts and wine for dinner. i hope you will grow a salad tree in the back yard to avoid this calamity in the future.

  2. maybe your brain is leaking out in small shards?

    Brain shards...haha, I crack myself up...heehe...

  3. "There's an 'element'there."
    "What, like hydrogen?"

    I love it!

    My nose hurts too... Hmm...

  4. Because you sniffed something too much? Take good care of your nose. :)

  5. I told you to stop snorting so much coke.

    My nose hurts too, but that's because I have one of those gross nose crusties up inside there that I get in teh winter when the air is dry...


  6. Re: the Underminer, have you heard Mike Albo do that character on the radio? It's so great. See This American Life (starts at about 34:55 into the Real audio file) and his interview on Talk of the Nation.