Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Back, Less Briefly

Even though I was blogless for 4 DAYS (nearly), I thought of you often. Really. And trying to catch up on four days worth of entries from all of my regular reads is exhausting. At least it will keep me busy today.

BUT, here's a rundown of my long weekend off ...

Friday [Have I mentioned that Friday was my birthday?], I had a small gathering of friends over to celebrate. A good time was had by all. At least, I had a good time, and that's all that matters. Ha. We drank lots of martinis and manhattans. And ate lots of yummy food. [May I mention here that Trader Joe's Thai Lime and Chili Peanuts ROCK?] Yay! The last stragglers left around 1:15 or so. I stayed awake cleaning until a little before 2.

Saturday morning, I woke up at 8:30, finished cleaning, and ate some leftovers. I also discovered that my kitchen sink was clogged. Perhaps one of the guests thought I had a garbage disposal? Eh. No worries.

Around 9, I called John to see when he was picking me up to go to Philly. No answer. I did more cleaning and more eating and a little knitting. I called again around 10. Still no answer. I started to panic. Maybe he didn't make it home last night. He never called when he got home. I didn't call him before going to bed because it was so late. What if he was in an accident? Or in jail? Or something?

He called at 11. During the night, his power went out so his alarm didn't go off. He said he would pick me up around noon. At 1 [noon John Standard Time (JST)], he pulled into the parking lot. I rushed out to the car and we hit the road.

We checked into the hotel around 4. Then, we walked down to Antique Row - lots of fun shops to wander around. At Linu, I bought a linen table runner using money the parents sent me for my birthday. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

After wandering through a few more stores, we had dinner at Mixto, a Cuban/Latin restaurant. The food was OK, but the drinks were amazing. I had a pineapple mojito. YUM. OK. I had 2 pineapple mojitos, but who's counting?

We walked back to the hotel to hang out until the clubs got going. Around 10:30, we taxi'ed to Woody's, where we drank and danced and drank until around 1. Both John and I developed a little crush on one of the barbacks at Woodys - which gave me an idea for a film, Barback Mountin'. Coming soon to a theater near you. *heh* From what I've seen, I like Philly's gay scene. It seems a little less pretentious than DC's.

Sunday morning, we were both a bit overhung. But managed to get to the Philadelphia Museum of Art by 11ish. Sundays are "Pay What You Wish" at the museum, so we managed to save a few bucks. I think if I go again, I will definitely do one of the taped tours, because there was so much to see. I did get to see what I wanted though - the American Art, Asian Art, and Contemporary/Modern Art Galleries. John liked the Arms/Armor Gallery. We also got to swing through the Impressionist galleries on the way to the Modern Art.

Then, we punched in a destination for lunch and ended up at a cute little restaurant, London Grill. Yum. It's near the Eastern State Penitentiary, which will be on my "Must See" List for our next visit.

After lunch, we drove home. We ordered Chinese food. John started feeling sick (hacking cough, chills), so I took his car and spent the night at my place.

Monday morning, I went to pick up Oscar at the kennel. Then, I met Robert for lunch and spent the rest of the day watching DVDs and eating leftover party food. I also unclogged my sink. Yay.

So, all in all, a good birthday weekend!

*Happy Spring Smooches*


  1. Aww, glad the birthday was fantabulous. You deserve it :D.

  2. Oh, and that picture you took of John sleeping is adorable. Like JC Penny white sale adorable. :P

  3. Tomoko7:42 PM

    I bought Thai "hairy" peanuts on Sunday....:) Yum.

  4. "Barback mountin'"?!?!?? LOL!