Wednesday, March 01, 2006

feelings. a whoa whoa whoa feelings

I feel like my digital camera has thrown up all over my blog.
However, just in case you don't feel that way ...

How about another photo of my new sofa?

Ha. I'm kidding.

Anyway, the problem is that, with a defunct laptop, the only time I can download pictures is when I'm at John's ... which is frequently; however, it's quite infrequently that I remember a) my camera, b) to make sure the batteries are sufficiently charged, and c) the little cordy thing that connects camera to computer.

Last night, the fates smiled down upon me, and I had all three things. Yay.

Thus, explaineth the digiphotovomit of the previous entries. My most heartfelt apologies for inflicting it upon you.

Some randomly generated thoughts from the mind of Vuboq:

  1. I haven't had any coffee all day (except that one brief mouthful of yesterday's leftover coffee *gag* *cough* *sputter*).
  2. Kettle Chips Cheddar Beer flavor. Not so good.
  3. I could use a martini.
  4. If spring doesn't get here soon, I may explode. And, that would be messy.
  5. Did I mop John's house yesterday? What was that all about? It must be love. I don't even mop my house.
  6. I think everyone needs to take a Cute Overload moment.

OK. That's it.
Is it Go Home Time yet?

*impatient smooches*


  1. Don't listen to him! He is CRAZY! Cheddar Beer is the BEST! I have already touted it on my blog! But then what can I expect from someone who doesn't like feet? ;)

  2. exactly. they taste like feet. or, at least, what i would imagine nasty old feet taste like.

  3. I knew you'd say that as soon as I hit send. I set myself up. Damn. BUT THEY DO NOT TASTE LIKE FEET, PEOPLE.

  4. THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH FEET, people. Nothing.

  5. so ... you've tasted feet?


  6. P.S. Come mop my house, wench!

  7. I've tasted feet! And I'm proud of it. I have been tasted too. Guess I won't be getting that invitation to sit on your pussy, er sofa, now.

  8. Cool blog! I just stumbled over your site for the first time... I like all the photos! Keep it up!