Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Three Boring Posts. Three Boring Posts.

Do you think someone will revoke my blogger account after this?

I've found two semi-interesting jobs to which to apply. [Ha. All that to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition!]. One is with the EPA; the other with the Pew Center. Interestingly [?] enough, both positions involve issues with Climate Change. I haven't read any serious policy work on climate change in ages. I need to bone [*heh* "bone"] up on it before I apply, I suppose.

In fact, I'm still reading a book that I received months ago to review for my other blog. It's good. I've just been focusing on other things ... like butt sex.

1 comment:

  1. silver lining alert ***** john will be gone for a few weeks, perfect time to bone something else, like a book on climate change!!!