Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Whole Lotta Nuthin'

Just a few little bits and bobs ...

1. Tonight is the Project Runway finale.

So excited. I think Santino is going to win even though I would rather see Daniel or Chloe emerge victorious. So, my head says Santino; my heart says Daniel.

2. John had to drive up to Mechanicsburg, PA for work today.

This is the "prep" visit. He'll be going up there next week for 4 days (Tues-Fri). I'll be dog-sitting. Fun. When he gets back, we'll do something fun for my birthday. He's mentioned taking me out of town "somewhere." Maybe Vegas for Ugly People (aka. Atlantic City)?

3. Tomorrow is Dining Out for Life.

If you live in DC, please consider participating. The money goes to Food and Friends, an excellent organization.

4. Tomorrow is also the final day of my contest.

Don't forget to submit your Haiku. You, too, can haiku!


  1. lol, no "I" thing. My family is from Ireland and I'm learning Hindi, which is spoken all over India.


  2. My man's out of town too. *sigh*