Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Woozy [Kurtz]

Yes. I know this is Swoosie Kurtz, but, still, I'm woozy. Cut me some slack.

I'm feeling a little light-headed from the cold medicine I took this morning. TK says to enjoy the balloon-headedness, but I'd rather it just be over. I almost called in sick today, but changed my mind. I prefer to use my paid leave for fun vacations, not moaning about the house.

There is still no word on John's potential job transition. He said he should find out something today. If he does have to go to training, I need to start mentally preparing myself for a month of dog-sitting. GAH!

Maybe I'll move Isabella over to John's. I worry about her being alone so much. I've thought about getting a playmate for her, but we all know what happened the last time I did that.

Speaking of FrankenKitty Gertrude, she is having a ball living at my parents' house. She is definitely Queen of the Castle. Let's review her gradual takeover [These are mostly actual quotes from my parents]:

"We'll take her. But, she will only stay in the garage."

"The garage is a little cold at night, so we let her sleep in the laundry room."

"She can come into the kitchen, but only when we are in there."

"She has learned to open the laundry room door, so she sometimes sleeps in the kitchen."

"She comes into our bedroom every morning to wake us up."

and last week ...

"Gertrude sleeps on your mother's pillow."


  1. scary when the pussy takes over!

  2. When cats take over the world!

  3. that sounds about right, though i think she was a little slow