Thursday, March 23, 2006


Yes, I know this is an odd image, but I Google Imaged "thinky" and this was the first option. So I took it.

I haven't been feeling overly thinky recently, more like I'm letting my life pass by-y. Not that I'm an overly thinky person anyway. I let other people take the deep thoughts, saving the shallow ones for me: "I certainly look cute in my new sunglasses" and "Ooh. Olives are good." But, sometimes, on my walk to work, I feel like I do have an original and/or interesting thought or two.

Not today. I can't even remember what I thought about on my long (15 minute) trudge up Wayne Avenue to my office. I'm sure it was far from earth-shattering. For lack of anything thinky to blog about, here's my To Do List for Today:

  1. Print out DSW ($5 off) and Borders coupons (free 12 oz coffee).
  2. Search for a reasonably priced ticket to Atlanta for my fabulous cousin's wedding in April.
  3. Finish my taxes and prepare for mailing them.
  4. Pay my cell phone bill.
  5. Update our Internet Table and Factsheet (ooh. something work-related).
  6. Mail my mortgage and co-op fee payments.
  7. Decide where I want to eat lunch.
  8. Decide what I want to make for dinner.

That's about it.

#8 reminded me of what I was thinking on a part of my walk: Blue cheese.

John doesn't like it, but I think he may be willing to try (taste?) the pasta dish I make with blue cheese. Basically, I saute mushrooms. Then, I add spinach. Once that has all cooked down, I crumble blue cheese over it and stir until it is melted and smooth. Then, I toss it with pasta. It's surprisingly yummy. And simple. And, I'm all about simple cooking.

More later, my friends.

*Tangy Blue Cheese Smooches*


  1. you left off #9 - decide what to do with rest of life

  2. Love blue cheese. Hmm, blue cheese Kettle Chips . . .

  3. If John is a health conscious guy, tell him to read this: · Top your salads with a little blue cheese . Not only does it add flavor and bone-preserving calcium, but it also delivers healthy bacteria. Other cheeses that provide probiotics include Roquefort, Stilton and Shropshire.

    Zapping you the full article! Happy blue cheese enjoyment! (Oh, my, I'm starting to get Engrishized!)