Friday, March 03, 2006

J-Pop Friday: Final Edition

No one seems to be interested in downloading my weird taste in Japanese pop music, so this will be my last J-Pop Friday. *sniff*

The first song isn't actually pop. I think it's from a children's show, but I love it because it makes me laugh.

Dango San KyouDai [loosely translated as Three Gooey Doughy Rice Ball Thingies on a Stick Brothers]

I first heard this second song on a trip to Japan several years ago. I liked it so much I bought the CD single. Later, I asked a friend to send me Shibata Jun's first album, Tame Iki, which is AWESOME.

Gekkou Yoku [loosely translates as Um ... Moonlight Shower?]

Of course, now, I own two copies of this song, which means ...

Time for a Contest. Yay! A Contest!

If you'd like to win my copy of the CD Single, write a haiku (either about J-Pop, Vuboq, or why you want the CD Single) and leave it in the comments below.

Contest ends sometime next week.


  1. You like weird music
    it's indecipherable
    but you? are still cute.

  2. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Getting mail is fun
    Especially from a friend
    Who survived D-X.

  3. In true "Haiku" fashion:

    Snows melt, spring arrives
    Patience, striped scarf jealousy
    Very low, my head hangs

  4. "You're Easy Breezy,"
    Hiki? "I'm Japan-ezy?"
    Oh, that's so cheesy.

  5. free stuff is quite nice
    even if it means haikus
    though I suck badly