Tuesday, March 21, 2006

File Under: Dee-friggin'-licious

Before I forget, Mush gave me a fantastic idea for my birthday party's martinis.

And, because I *heart* you all, I'm going to share:

Buy a jar of jalapeno stuffed olives. Remove the jalapenos. Replace with cubes of blue cheese (or bleu cheese. whatever.). Eat. And say: OMGWTFBBQ!!!11one ... supercallafrigginyummy. Spicy! Tangy! Olive-y! Martini goodness! So good you will say "GAH!" ... repeatedly. Either that or you will skip the martini and just eat the olives.

We should all fall to our knees and bow to the magnificence that is Mush.


  1. Tat. Sounds. DEEEEELICIOUS!!! I love olives. I love bleu cheese.

  2. Phelps is kind of an ass. He's a freshman here at U of M. He's really an ass.

  3. i must say they WERE delicious. and i meant to ask what you did with the jalapeño bits that the olives were stuffed with.

  4. I have to admit I learned that trick from Californians. You know those fuckers do all kinds of kinky shit out there. But the point is, I won't even have a martini without a bleu cheese stuffed jalapeno olive in it.